Say YES to the VAX!

Slowly but surely, we are collectively emerging from the grueling months of social distancing and isolation. When the province announced full reopening will take place on July 01, it was not greeted with a street party to celebrate, or cars honking their horns in jubilation. Instead, many of us are approaching this significant milestone with trepidation and at best, guarded optimism. This is why it is so important that as many of us as possible are vaccinated.

Here are the facts as reported by Alberta Health Services in August 2021:

· In total, 5,365,607 doses of the Covid vaccine have been administered.

· About 76.2% of Albertans age 12+ have received at least one dose of the vaccine.

· About 66.4% of Albertans age 12+ have received both doses.

Vaccination is a winning strategy against this devastating pandemic. According to Health Canada, those who have been vaccinated gain protection and more freedom due to the lifting of restrictive public health measures. Equally important is the fact that those who are vaccinated can contribute to the public good of protecting those who are unable to vaccinate. The facts are simple. A greater rate of vaccination means fewer Covid cases, fewer hospitalizations, and fewer deaths.

According to Health Canada, those who are vaccinated can enjoy the following:

  • Your risk of serious illness will be much lower.

  • The risk of other people catching the virus from you is likely very low.

  • It is likely you will have very good protection against infection, including against most current variants of concern.

To book a vaccine appointment:

Call 811

Visit Alberta Health Services booking site

Call your local Pharmacy

So, "Say YES to the Vax!" The sooner we do that, the sooner we get our life back! Please visit for more information.