Wellness is the sum total of physical, mental and emotional fitness. Let's start by building a strong foundation at no cost.

Line Dance

Line Dance your way to fitness and music with our popular instructor, Joshua Tsang.

Tai Chi / QiGong

Maintain good health & positive mindset with weekly sessions of QiGong, an ancient martial arts form that involve slow movement, deep breathing and calm mind with Master Jorie Chen.

Stretch & Strength

Stretch and improve your mobility and strength with our amazing instructors.


Practice yoga to create mental clarity, increase body awareness, relax the mind, sharpen concentration, and more with our yoga instructor.


Dance to fitness and good health with the awesome instructor, Michelle Bixby. There are 2 levels of Zumba class available, a regular class and one that is modified for gentler, lower impact. No fitness gear required. Just come as you are.