Volunteering -
The Key to Healthy Aging

by MPC Foundation

According to StatsCan, adults age 65+ volunteer more hours than any other age group, contributing an average of 218 hours annually. This compares to 138 hours for those aged 15-24.

The motivation to volunteer varies with each individual but generally, it has been found that 95% of seniors indicated that the biggest motivation for volunteering is to make a contribution to their community, followed by the opportunity to build social networks. Many seniors are also motivated to volunteer because their friends did, while others volunteer to meet people, gain new knowledge, and expanding their worldview. Others indicated that volunteering is simply the responsible thing to do. Additionally, many seniors are also motivated to use their skills and experience to benefit others

The benefits of volunteering are well established. Some of these include:

  • enhance interpersonal skills, such as understanding and motivating people.

  • acquire new communication & organizational skills and enhance existing ones.

  • increased knowledge about new topics or issues.

  • deepens social networks, improves access to information and support, and reduces the likelihood of social isolation.

  • improved quality of life, increased physical activity, and lower mortality rates.

  • enhances life satisfaction, well-being, self-confidence and provides a sense of purpose.

MPC Foundation is a registered non-profit. At MPC Foundation, a group of seniors decided to get together (virtually) to make cards and create care bags for other seniors in need. They named the group Heart to Heart, and are now sending cards and chocolates to residents in care homes who have no family. Armed with a meaningful purpose, the joy and motivation they generate at every meeting has been truly inspiring!