Seniors are COVID-19 Heroes

by Mae Chun @ MPC Foundation

Before Covid19 becomes a distant memory, we need to take a moment to honor, appreciate and recognise the many seniors who contributed immensely towards the fight against Covid-19.

Meet Dave and Jenny. Prior to Covid19, they were leading a carefree and stress-free retired life, enjoying outdoor activities and actively participating in community activities. When Covid19 hit, they became full-time caregivers to their 2 grandchildren, so that their children can continue working to provide for their families. “It can be tiring looking after 2 young kids. We also sacrifice a lot on our social life,” said Dave. On the bright side, Dave and Jenny enjoy the time with their grandchildren and feels fortunate to be in good enough health to be able to help out during this difficult time.

Vincent Vuong, a retired business owner, is a tireless community volunteer and has been even busier during the pandemic. Prior to this, Vincent was an active member of a community based social club. When the pandemic hit Calgary, he continued to stay in touch through phone calls and messaging. When much of the programming moved online, Vincent took it upon himself to help other seniors adapt to digital socializing by helping them install Zoom and practicing with them to use the platform comfortably. Many of our seniors are now able to attend weekly activities, thanks to Vincent!

And then there are those who sewed lots and lots of masks for others. Tazim and Virginia spent countless hours making reusable cloth masks for those who need them. They scour sources to secure 100% cotton materials so that the masks they make are comfortable to wear and breathable. Their masks even come with a nose bridge and adjustable sizing. Thanks to their efforts, many more Calgarians are being protected.

To all these heroes and more, we salute you! Your contributions have benefited ALL of us. Thank you! To contact us, email or call (587)480-7373.