About MPC

Our Vision

Aging should be celebrated, as older adults have innumerable assets and wisdom to contribute to the enrichment of society. We want older adults to feel valued, and to lead happy, fulfilled lives.

Our Mission

We empower older adults to be catalysts for change in society while advocating for older adults wellness and increasing awareness of their valuable contributions to society.

Our Values

We believe that older adults have unique contributions to make as community members, and that efforts must be made to advocate for and raise awareness of the benefits seniors provide to society.

Our Story

The founders of MPC Foundation are Mae Chun & Lily Kwok, both immigrants to this country with successful professional careers. We are grateful for what this country has done for us, our family and friends. Hence we chose the name MPC, an acronym for MPowerCanada, meaning to empower Canada. This is our homage to Canada and our way of giving back to this country by serving those in need. In short, we are grateful.

Recently, our Co-CEO, Mae Chun was nominated by CBC for her dedication to seniors' wellness: